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A review.

Unbeknown to me, my good friend Dave borrowed With His Head In The Clouds from his brother Martin. The first I heard of this was a text from Dave on Friday morning;

Morning *Karen*. I read WHHITC, it was a frustrating, enjoyable, funny experience, well done. When’s the next novel due?

I am not a fantastically confident person, and don’t look on the bright side of anything, so one word in that text really stood out which needed investigating;

Frustrating because it was badly written, or because of where it ended? Cheers though Dave, the follow up is slowly being scrawled in crayon as we speak.

It wasn’t so much the writting, just the characters conversations i struggled to follow some of them, and i didn’t really enjot the start of sentances like yeah,no. I found that frustrating but i can see why you did it cos of the dream/reality falling awake thing. On the whole tho the book was ace, it was different to the style of writting i’m used to i guess. Good work 🙂

It was an attempt to show Ben not thinking before speaking, and I also wanted the dialogue to be quite snappy. “I didn’t want to slow it down,” said *Karen*, “by breaking it up.” I also purposly tried to get the reader as lost as Ben. It starts of telling you what day everythings happening, and this gradually disapears throughout the book. What did you make of the end?

I liked  the end, i found the book easier to read the more i got into it, i guess it’s getting used to writing style. I’m sorry if i came across too critical, i really did enjoy it.

Critical I can do something with, I’m pleased with that, it let’s me know how to improve my writing. If he’d have simply text; it was alright, I’d have pestered him far more than I did. So thank you Dave.


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My good friend John has finally received his copy of WHHITC‘s, and has been kind enough to both post a blog about it and post it up on Facebook too. Which is really good of him, because John already has a draft copy of the book in his possession from where he helped me to give the novel a final polish and helped me to make the end stronger*.

John’s blog is well worth a read, as is his comic Dotgif.

So thank you  again John.

*One day I shall reveal what this drastic change was.

“even Wayne…”

It was actually quite a tricky process writing The Acknowledgements.
I hadn’t really put a massive amount of thought into it, until I sat down to write it. There were several key people without whom I would have no book, and I mean literally no book; Without Adam, I would have no story. Without Ben, I would have no direction. But there were many other people who helped me along the way in different ways, some of whom I didn’t get to mention, and some of whom I didn’t get to mention how it was that they helped me;
Pete Graham, Station Manager of Slade Park Fire Station, gave Ben his view over the housing estate.
Andy White, inspired me to start writing in the first place. But also put me in a situation that Ben went to find himself in, and for that he gets no thanks at all.
Jonty Jackson, is unintentionally (I think) the funniest person I have ever met. Listening to him planted the seeds for some of the odder things that Ben gets upto.
Martin Coles, gave Frank his thirst for other peoples (undrinkable) tea.
And then there’s Wayne. He and I haven’t always seen eye to eye. However, since finding out that I was attempting to write a novel, he has shown me so much support and encouragement; trying to find out what it was about, when it’d be finished, and when would he be able to read a copy. His interest pushed me forward, and in the end was the driving force behind me self-publishing. So thank you Wayne.