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Future proof.

With His Head In The Clouds is now available as an eBook.

Click here to download it now.


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My good friend John has finally received his copy of WHHITC‘s, and has been kind enough to both post a blog about it and post it up on Facebook too. Which is really good of him, because John already has a draft copy of the book in his possession from where he helped me to give the novel a final polish and helped me to make the end stronger*.

John’s blog is well worth a read, as is his comic Dotgif.

So thank you  again John.

*One day I shall reveal what this drastic change was.

The chase

the chase

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I swear blind that I’ve actually blogged this photo before, but I can’t find it, and either way it’ll make much more sense now that people are actually starting to read the book.

Two thirds of the way through, the protagonist and his best friend are chased by The Idiots as they make their way home. Now even though they live on a fictional housing estate on the outskirts of Oxford it is based upon somewhere that my sister used to live. So when it came to writing them being chased through it I went and walked the streets, took photos, made some notes, and then used google earth to fill in some of the gaps.

Oh, and for those of you that have read it; click on the photo to see notes as to where some of the key points of the chase happen.


It has only been available for just under a fortnight, but I’ve already had some feedback about With His Head In The Clouds;

I bumped into my good friend Martin on Friday night and he informed me that he was three quarters of the way through, and completely captivated. His Wife, Jemma, added that “he couldn’t put it down”. Fantastic. This had me on a huge high, which then doubled in size when I saw Martin again the following morning and he told me that he’d finished it.

This is awesome, and still has me grinning like an idiot.

Coming down

coming down

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I’m moving out, in a week or two, so the post-it-notes are finally coming down. I can’t quite remember how long they’ve been up there, or why it was that I originally started to put them up – one of my friends did once ask me if I’d put them up because I thought that it looked cool, or if it was because that’s what I thought that writers did? – but they reminded me of things I thought of, things I’d heard, and things I’d have to change. I was actually a little surprised when I still had them up when I finished writing WHHITC’s, by rights I should have used them all, but I kept thinking – kept having ideas – and the second book was born.
Things haven’t gone how I’d have hoped with trying to get WHHITC’s published. Unable to secure an agent, to obtain a publishing deal, I even got dicked about by a self-publishing house. But none of this should bother me, should it, I always said that the only reason I was writing was that I wanted to read it. It shouldn’t bother me that no one else want’s to help me get it on the shelves of a bookstore near you…
But it did, I found myself coming down to earth with a bump. I couldn’t even pay someone to get it into a bookstore. Bollocks. So, after a month or two of deliberation, I’m putting my first novel onto a self-publishing website. It will only be available here, and nowhere else. Please be assured that I’ve done everything I can to keep the cost down as much as possible, but they are essentially printed on demand. To those of you unfortunate enough to actually know me, please don’t ask me for a free copy – I don’t have any, I’m even having to buy my own -. Oh, and please be warned; I can’t spell, my use of punctuation is atrocious, and my vocabulary isn’t vast…

…but click here to give it a go.

Bad news/good news

After two months of being dicked about by Lulu, I’ve been given my money back. Which in someways is good news because it means that I haven’t been ripped off, but quite bad in the fact that I am now left without a publisher.

And it has been such a palaver trying to get this sorted out, as I’d written about in my last post. In the end I posted this on Lulu’s user forum;

“In a nut shell, you’ve totally failed me. On the 1st on May I purchased a “Lulu Primer Publishing Pack” from yourselves. On the 21st of May I wrote to you expressing how truly unhappy I was with the service I had received so far, and that I was considering asking for a refund. On the 27th of May you got back to me explaining that it’s company not to give the refunds, but you were sorry that I was dissatisfied. I was told to submit a new photo for the front cover (something I had offered to do on the 12th of May), and submit the alterations form. On the 30th of May, with as I saw it no choice, I submitted the new photo and alterations form and sent you an e-mail telling you that I’d uploaded them both. On the 5th of June you wrote to me telling me that my ticket number was no longer; LTK152020755567X, and had been replaced with a Case number; 169094, and a Reference id; ref:00D56zQ6.50056bK4t:ref. On the 9th of June I wrote to you, using ref:00D56zQ6.50056bK4t:ref as the subject line for the e-mail as instructed, stating how unhappy I was that you hadn’t been in touch with me about the book I am trying to publish and that I wanted a refund. Later that day I received an automatically generated response saying that “following this email address is no longer responded to by Lulu Support. In an effort to serve you better, Lulu Customer Support has implemented a new support system. If you have an existing issue, then we have sent you an email with your new Reference ID. We will continue to address all of your preexisting support issues, and you do not need to take any further action, but if you have new information to add to your ticket please respond to this email instead of replying to your previous ticket. .” Respond to this e-mail that came from the address do_not_reply@lulu.com. On the 14th of June I filled in a form on your website for e-mail support, and pasted the e-mail that I’d sent to you on the 9th into the ‘Describe the problem’ box. Later that day I recieved an automatically generated response saying that my case number for this issue is 00264062, and that someone would get back to me in 1 to 2 business days. On the 19th of June I complained via e-mail support, and once again I received an automated response which gave me yet another case number; 00267218. It is now the 2nd of July, two months since I purchased the Primer Pack, well over one month since I first complained, and I still haven’t heard anything back. I am so angry at your complete lack of response, and sense of urgency. It is totally and utterly appalling. The fact that I wrote a letter of complaint and yet it took you 6 day’s to respond show’s a complete lack of respect on your part towards me, not to mention how dismissive that response was. It is really unforgivable. And then, feeling that I have no choice I’ve complied with your request to forward you a new photo and amendments form, apart from an automatically produced confirmation e-mail I am yet to hear anything back. The way I’ve been treated is truly despicable. I am left feeling that you have my money, you’re not going to give it back, and that you really don’t care about me or the poor service you’ve given me. I do not want a reply written by someone who doesn’t know when it’s appropriate to use exclamation marks. I do not care that it is not your policy to give refunds. I want my money back”

Hours after this went up, I received an e-mail saying that I’ve been given a full refund.

But, as I said, this leaves me with a small problem. In fact, it leaves me back where I started. So, does anyone have any ideas or suggestions as to how I can get my book on the market…?

Sorry for the delay…

…but it’s really not my fault.

The publishing company that I decided to use, Lulu, are dragging their heels. Well, they’re simply not delivering the service they offered. At first everything seemed absolutely fine, although a little slow, and they appeared to be getting on with delivering what they promised and sending me regular updates. But then I complained about the cover they’d ‘designed’ for me, and then I questioned how they’d formatted the book, and now they are no longer responding to my e-mails.

So what’s going on…? I don’t really know.

I’ve asked for a refund, twice now, but they’re yet to get back to me.

Today I’ve spoken to my credit card company, so we’ll see how that goes…