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3gs – notes

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I’ve spent the last two hours sifting through and reading all the notes for book 2, and I’m much happier than I was yesterday after coming to the end of Chapter five.
There’s loads of ideas, loads of themes, loads of directions I’ve suggested for my(future)self to take, and loads of questions I’ve got to find the answers for.
Over the last week or so I had been coming up with small bit’s of dialogue, but no idea where they would fit in, and no ideas for the overall plot or for stories to tell on the way.
After reading through the notes though, I have several jumping off (well, in) points that I can take to get me back on the right track. Not sure just yet which one I’ll take… but I’m certain I’ll have some new material for you very soon…


Coming down

coming down

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I’m moving out, in a week or two, so the post-it-notes are finally coming down. I can’t quite remember how long they’ve been up there, or why it was that I originally started to put them up – one of my friends did once ask me if I’d put them up because I thought that it looked cool, or if it was because that’s what I thought that writers did? – but they reminded me of things I thought of, things I’d heard, and things I’d have to change. I was actually a little surprised when I still had them up when I finished writing WHHITC’s, by rights I should have used them all, but I kept thinking – kept having ideas – and the second book was born.
Things haven’t gone how I’d have hoped with trying to get WHHITC’s published. Unable to secure an agent, to obtain a publishing deal, I even got dicked about by a self-publishing house. But none of this should bother me, should it, I always said that the only reason I was writing was that I wanted to read it. It shouldn’t bother me that no one else want’s to help me get it on the shelves of a bookstore near you…
But it did, I found myself coming down to earth with a bump. I couldn’t even pay someone to get it into a bookstore. Bollocks. So, after a month or two of deliberation, I’m putting my first novel onto a self-publishing website. It will only be available here, and nowhere else. Please be assured that I’ve done everything I can to keep the cost down as much as possible, but they are essentially printed on demand. To those of you unfortunate enough to actually know me, please don’t ask me for a free copy – I don’t have any, I’m even having to buy my own -. Oh, and please be warned; I can’t spell, my use of punctuation is atrocious, and my vocabulary isn’t vast…

…but click here to give it a go.

Taking notes

I mentioned before that ‘I have a memory like a sieve, so if I think of an idea I’ll scribble it down straight away before it pops back out of my head.’ Which is all well and good, unless I’m driving down the motorway to work. When this happens I find myself having to repeat the idea, or dialogue as it was yesterday, over and over and over again until I can eventually note it down. But there’s a problem with this – and it’s not just that any motorist who happens to glance into my car will see me literally chanting to myself – it’s that because I’m having to repeat it, because I’m having to chant it, that it ends up not quite making sense anymore. The ends get joined together, any pauses there were disappear, the pacing of what I’ve head-written completely vanishes, and I find that I then have to sit down and unravel it and to try and make it funny again.

Following on from my last post, I’ve found a much better application to take notes with on the go. Evernote. It actually backs it up for you, and has a recoverable trash can, so I’ve been transferring all my notes over to that.

Also. I will tend to take notes, and in fact write entire scenes or chapters, in a coffee shop in a Moleskine Notebook. However, I am actually using the thing, it’s not just for show. Still, I found this funny all the same.


I have a memory like a sieve, so if I think of an idea I’ll scribble it down straight away before it pops back out of my head.

I have a wall full of post-it-notes’s above my desk, notebook after notebook, and a bound file containing all the scratty bits of paper and e-mails that I’ve written to myself. I’ve also got an application on my phone, ingeniously titled Notes, which I can jott ideas down into when I don’t have a pen (like when I’m in bed, or on a night out). These will usual stay there until I’m finished with them or that I want to expand upon them, in which case I’ll e-mail them to myself. Which is what I did yesterday, only they’ve gone missing. They’re nolonger in the application, and neither are they in my Inbox or the Sent Folder. One of them was really rather short, and I’ve managed to remember what it said, but the other… I haven’t the faintest idea. It was quite important, it had dialogue in it, and was a few hundred words long, but it’s completely and utterly gone.