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Deleted scenes.

When I first had WHHITC bound, I gave it to a few people to read through so that they could give me some feedback.

After sitting down, and talking it through, with the first two people to finish I made a few changes. Some minor, some major. I amended the preview books that hadn’t gone out yet, and recalled two that had. Only JB, SKG, and The Bear read the book before the changes. They have a; slightly different chapter seven, Ben being a little meaner, an extra scene with Mrs. Palcznski, and an epilogue.

The epilogue was quite a difficult scene to cut. I liked it. I liked what was going on, and I liked what it did. But the consensus was that the end was stronger without it.

Was it the right thing to do? I’m not sure.

Should I put it back…? I don’t know.

I am going to use that scene though in As Yet Untitled.

And if you’d like to read it for yourself? If you’d like some clue as to where I’m going with As Yet Untitled? Please send me an e-mail at; karentribes@mac.com.


Chapter six…

as yet untitled – 2

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I have finally finished everything on my reading list, which is brilliant, and it now leaves me with a rather interesting task. Because, you see, the final book on the list; ‘As yet untitled,’ is also unfinished. At the end of Chapter five there’s a line space, the header ‘Chapter six,’ and then that’s it. After that it’s just blank page after blank page.

I’m fairly certain that, until this morning, I hadn’t opened it in well over six months. I had looked through a few of my notes on Sunday, before meeting up with John, and realised that they just got to a certain point and then stopped…

What to do, what to do. I read the second half of WHHITC’s today, and then ploughed right into ‘As yet untitled,’ so my head is in the right kind of place. I think.

I’ll sit down tomorrow morning and lay out all my notes. I’m not sure if I’ll set out writing in precisely the same place I left off, but I will start writing again.

Now with added pictures

with his head in the clouds

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Maybe, eventually, but it would much, much further down the line.

This tentative first page of WHHITC – the graphic novel – was skilfully drawn by my good friend John (a more refined version of which is posted on his blog), and it would be a truly huge undertaking if we were to proceed with such a project. I say ‘we’ because, whilst it would appear that I have already done my bit by writing the book in the first place, it will be quite some task to edit and adapt the 359 page novel into a graphic novel. This page is just three-quarters of the first page of the novel, which is both light on action and dialogue, it’s going to take… Actually, it’s going to mean me thinking about my novel in an entirely different way. Which is quite exciting, I think.

John and I are meeting up in a few weeks time, and I think this will be fairly high up on our agenda.

Spread the word(s)


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My good friend John has finally received his copy of WHHITC‘s, and has been kind enough to both post a blog about it and post it up on Facebook too. Which is really good of him, because John already has a draft copy of the book in his possession from where he helped me to give the novel a final polish and helped me to make the end stronger*.

John’s blog is well worth a read, as is his comic Dotgif.

So thank you  again John.

*One day I shall reveal what this drastic change was.



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I met John for lunch yesterday, during which he asked me how do I motivate myself to write. At the time I answered something about rewarding myself for doing so many hours writing, but afterwards I decided this was complete an utter rubbish. I will tend to let myself watch a TV program after writing for two hours, but that’s really know way to measure how much writing I’d have actually achieved. Sat at a desk, holding a pen, for a couple of hours, is not the same as writing five or six hundred words. When I used to work with The Bear, when he used to read through my work, that used to motivate me. Either because I’d want to be able to give him more, or that I’d leave him left in the lurch – sometimes right in the middle of an argument.
So this example is now my motivation. It’s now my desktop background on both my iMac and my laptop. Reminding me to sit down and finish what I’ve started.

One point five

After having already amended two of the draft copies, following JB’s suggestion*, I’ve now recalled another copy and made several changes to the final third. Whilst the changes themselves are only quite minor, they should help prevent misunderstandings that both JB and SKG had when reading it, and removes a reference to a film that really doesn’t need to be there.


*which was quite a drastic change, which doesn’t change the story, but will hopefully make the end stronger.

The hype starts…

…all be it in very small circles. But it’s got to start somewhere, right?

I’ve been mentioned by two different contributers on the same blog. The first was a pat on the back, more than anything else: “On the subject of story’s I’d like to pass on my gratz to Johns friend who’s completed his book as keeping plot threads untangled and allowing them to become cogent without telegraphing what is about to happen or too many WTF?1!? moments is not an easy task, my hat (if I wore one) is off to you sir.” Thank you Kreedle.

And the second was this: click here.