Bring on the empty head.

I’ve listened to interviews with several writers where they’ve said that they find it easier to write first thing in the morning, before they do anything else. One of them even stated that it’s because he felt closer to being in a ‘dream state’.

I found that when I was writing WHHITC, specifically the last third, that I would write best first thing in the morning. Maybe best is the wrong word. I was certainly more prolific, and I found it far easier to write. But I don’t think it was because I was any closer to being in a dream state. Every day off I had and – as I neared the end – every time I was on a late, I would take a walk down town to the local coffee house. I’d get there for seven, have coffee and a pastry, and then write until nine. It wasn’t necessarily a lot, or any good, but I found that the ideas and stories came more freely. Then, unless I was in full flow, I’d go home and read through what had spilled out of my head. If it was any good I’d usually then go back to the coffee house in the afternoon and build upon it. But, as I said, I don’t think it anything to do with my proximity to dreaming. Merely that it was so early that my head was empty of all other thoughts. The stories and ideas didn’t have to compete with anything else. It was as if my RAM had been reset over night; the trash and caches had been emptied, all the processors cooled, and I was able to compute at optimum power.

I have not done this it quite some time, and I really think that it’s about to time now that I ought to. My writing has slowed right down, and if I don’t act now I’ll probably come to a complete halt again. So come seven o’clock tomorrow morning I’ll be sat in a coffee house, ready to go. Bring on the empty head.


One response to “Bring on the empty head.

  1. I am aroused by the computing metaphor.

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