Coming down

coming down

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I’m moving out, in a week or two, so the post-it-notes are finally coming down. I can’t quite remember how long they’ve been up there, or why it was that I originally started to put them up – one of my friends did once ask me if I’d put them up because I thought that it looked cool, or if it was because that’s what I thought that writers did? – but they reminded me of things I thought of, things I’d heard, and things I’d have to change. I was actually a little surprised when I still had them up when I finished writing WHHITC’s, by rights I should have used them all, but I kept thinking – kept having ideas – and the second book was born.
Things haven’t gone how I’d have hoped with trying to get WHHITC’s published. Unable to secure an agent, to obtain a publishing deal, I even got dicked about by a self-publishing house. But none of this should bother me, should it, I always said that the only reason I was writing was that I wanted to read it. It shouldn’t bother me that no one else want’s to help me get it on the shelves of a bookstore near you…
But it did, I found myself coming down to earth with a bump. I couldn’t even pay someone to get it into a bookstore. Bollocks. So, after a month or two of deliberation, I’m putting my first novel onto a self-publishing website. It will only be available here, and nowhere else. Please be assured that I’ve done everything I can to keep the cost down as much as possible, but they are essentially printed on demand. To those of you unfortunate enough to actually know me, please don’t ask me for a free copy – I don’t have any, I’m even having to buy my own -. Oh, and please be warned; I can’t spell, my use of punctuation is atrocious, and my vocabulary isn’t vast…

…but click here to give it a go.


One response to “Coming down

  1. You’re moving out?
    I’m sure that this is ahead of the Tassles schedule?
    Where are you going?
    Also. You seem a bit down about the book. Don’t. I read it. It’s good.

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