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I met John for lunch yesterday, during which he asked me how do I motivate myself to write. At the time I answered something about rewarding myself for doing so many hours writing, but afterwards I decided this was complete an utter rubbish. I will tend to let myself watch a TV program after writing for two hours, but that’s really know way to measure how much writing I’d have actually achieved. Sat at a desk, holding a pen, for a couple of hours, is not the same as writing five or six hundred words. When I used to work with The Bear, when he used to read through my work, that used to motivate me. Either because I’d want to be able to give him more, or that I’d leave him left in the lurch – sometimes right in the middle of an argument.
So this example is now my motivation. It’s now my desktop background on both my iMac and my laptop. Reminding me to sit down and finish what I’ve started.


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