I seemingly can’t win.

I had been struggling to write the first section because I couldn’t get work out of my head. So I booked a week and a half off, to be able to clear my head and give me the room to think about the important things like; plot, and ideas, and pacing, and dialogue. Which was going really well. I sat down at the beginning of the week, pulled my notes together for chapter 3, organized the rest of my notes, and managed to spend some quality time writing. However now I have run into a another problem, in that I have so much book stuff going around and around in my head that I’m struggling to make sense of it all.

I’m sure I have everything in there to finish the first section and set me up for the rest of the book, but none of it is coming out in the right order. So, my folder, my notebooks, the book itself are in my bag and will remain in there until I can start to make sense of it all again.


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