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I’ve come to a decision. After failing to get either published or an agent in the last six months I’ve decided to publish ‘With His Head In The Clouds’ myself.
Now, I am well aware that the reason for my failure may well be because the novel is rubbish. In fact, when I spoke to someone about it at work earlier in the week they said “what if people don’t like it? What if they think it’s rubbish?” But what if they don’t? And what if the reason why I’ve been unable to get picked up is that I’m oh so very bad at selling myself? I’m by no means big-headed, or under the delusion that I’ve written a best-seller. I am not the fat girl on X-Factor whose parents told that she could sing. But I’d rather get it out there and risk people telling me; “It’s rubbish,” “You can’t write,” and “What’s with all the commas? Who taught you punctuation?”, rather than have it sat in a drawer gathering dust. It’s said that it’s better to regret something that you have done, over something you haven’t. So…


3 responses to “News

  1. I’ll take 2 copies please.

  2. You’ll, never, let, it, go will, you?

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