Taking notes

I mentioned before that ‘I have a memory like a sieve, so if I think of an idea I’ll scribble it down straight away before it pops back out of my head.’ Which is all well and good, unless I’m driving down the motorway to work. When this happens I find myself having to repeat the idea, or dialogue as it was yesterday, over and over and over again until I can eventually note it down. But there’s a problem with this – and it’s not just that any motorist who happens to glance into my car will see me literally chanting to myself – it’s that because I’m having to repeat it, because I’m having to chant it, that it ends up not quite making sense anymore. The ends get joined together, any pauses there were disappear, the pacing of what I’ve head-written completely vanishes, and I find that I then have to sit down and unravel it and to try and make it funny again.

Following on from my last post, I’ve found a much better application to take notes with on the go. Evernote. It actually backs it up for you, and has a recoverable trash can, so I’ve been transferring all my notes over to that.

Also. I will tend to take notes, and in fact write entire scenes or chapters, in a coffee shop in a Moleskine Notebook. However, I am actually using the thing, it’s not just for show. Still, I found this funny all the same.


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