I have a memory like a sieve, so if I think of an idea I’ll scribble it down straight away before it pops back out of my head.

I have a wall full of post-it-notes’s above my desk, notebook after notebook, and a bound file containing all the scratty bits of paper and e-mails that I’ve written to myself. I’ve also got an application on my phone, ingeniously titled Notes, which I can jott ideas down into when I don’t have a pen (like when I’m in bed, or on a night out). These will usual stay there until I’m finished with them or that I want to expand upon them, in which case I’ll e-mail them to myself. Which is what I did yesterday, only they’ve gone missing. They’re nolonger in the application, and neither are they in my Inbox or the Sent Folder. One of them was really rather short, and I’ve managed to remember what it said, but the other… I haven’t the faintest idea. It was quite important, it had dialogue in it, and was a few hundred words long, but it’s completely and utterly gone.


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