Another Sunday meeting

I met up with SKG again yesterday, and they gave me their feedback on the entire book. Which was quite exciting as they’re the first person to have read the entire thing.

Now, I’d been warned beforehand that they had a lot of notes and questions. But I didn’t really expect it to be five hours worth. Amongst which was that; they love Frank, dislike Kirsten, and don’t like the way Ben talks. I think if I had been sent their notes I’d now be a complete an utter mess, but because we were able to talk through them and discuss their reasoning behind them it gives me something to work with. They also had a lot of questions; as to why did this happen? Would they really do that? Did you mean to do that? And the occasional ‘I don’t get it’. Which were all really quite interesting. Some bit’s I simply hadn’t been clear enough with, other bit’s will need to be spelled out, and some of the rest was actually meant to not be clear-cut. I was also given some examples of when ‘less is more’ is a bad thing, but also when it’s a good thing.

So, a lot to do, a lot to work with, and it was all only one persons opinion. So with the bit’s that they didn’t get I’m going to wait until some of the others get back to me to see whether they did or not, to work out as to whether it’s me being unclear or it’s them being ever so slightly dim (although it’s probably going to be the former). Either way, I need to dial it up to eleven.

But regardless of what lies ahead, I’m massively grateful for how much time and thought SKG put into their feedback and their patience with me whilst talking me through it. Thank you again by the way.


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