It worked.

I sat down, got out all my writing guff, and wrote.

According to Hannah, the manager, I looked knackered. And, to be honest, I’m not sure if I was making a great deal of sense when I was talking to her. But that’s not the point, I had an empty enough head to write.

Funnily enough, since writing Bring on the empty head, I heard this line on Bored to Death;

Jonathan: “I’m really hung over from that vodka.”

Ray: “Well, you gotta write something. I did my best work hung over. I have less brain cells to confuse the issue.”

Which gives me another avenue to try, should the writing before I’ve had the chance to think ever fail.

Actually, I think that’s it. Writing before I’ve had the chance to think. I have a plan; I have a start point, an end point, and some stops along the way. On Monday morning on walk to the coffee shop I in my head a vague plan as to what I was going to write; I had a starting point, a stop along the way that I needed to work toward, and a vague idea as to how I was going to get there. But when I actually began to write I started to find that the writing took on a life of it’s own, and that the characters were saying things and acting in a manner that I hadn’t I really planned. And, by the time I’d finished, I no longer had the scene that I’d sat down to write. Which is really quite exciting.


Bring on the empty head.

I’ve listened to interviews with several writers where they’ve said that they find it easier to write first thing in the morning, before they do anything else. One of them even stated that it’s because he felt closer to being in a ‘dream state’.

I found that when I was writing WHHITC, specifically the last third, that I would write best first thing in the morning. Maybe best is the wrong word. I was certainly more prolific, and I found it far easier to write. But I don’t think it was because I was any closer to being in a dream state. Every day off I had and – as I neared the end – every time I was on a late, I would take a walk down town to the local coffee house. I’d get there for seven, have coffee and a pastry, and then write until nine. It wasn’t necessarily a lot, or any good, but I found that the ideas and stories came more freely. Then, unless I was in full flow, I’d go home and read through what had spilled out of my head. If it was any good I’d usually then go back to the coffee house in the afternoon and build upon it. But, as I said, I don’t think it anything to do with my proximity to dreaming. Merely that it was so early that my head was empty of all other thoughts. The stories and ideas didn’t have to compete with anything else. It was as if my RAM had been reset over night; the trash and caches had been emptied, all the processors cooled, and I was able to compute at optimum power.

I have not done this it quite some time, and I really think that it’s about to time now that I ought to. My writing has slowed right down, and if I don’t act now I’ll probably come to a complete halt again. So come seven o’clock tomorrow morning I’ll be sat in a coffee house, ready to go. Bring on the empty head.

Deleted scenes.

When I first had WHHITC bound, I gave it to a few people to read through so that they could give me some feedback.

After sitting down, and talking it through, with the first two people to finish I made a few changes. Some minor, some major. I amended the preview books that hadn’t gone out yet, and recalled two that had. Only JB, SKG, and The Bear read the book before the changes. They have a; slightly different chapter seven, Ben being a little meaner, an extra scene with Mrs. Palcznski, and an epilogue.

The epilogue was quite a difficult scene to cut. I liked it. I liked what was going on, and I liked what it did. But the consensus was that the end was stronger without it.

Was it the right thing to do? I’m not sure.

Should I put it back…? I don’t know.

I am going to use that scene though in As Yet Untitled.

And if you’d like to read it for yourself? If you’d like some clue as to where I’m going with As Yet Untitled? Please send me an e-mail at;

A review.

Unbeknown to me, my good friend Dave borrowed With His Head In The Clouds from his brother Martin. The first I heard of this was a text from Dave on Friday morning;

Morning *Karen*. I read WHHITC, it was a frustrating, enjoyable, funny experience, well done. When’s the next novel due?

I am not a fantastically confident person, and don’t look on the bright side of anything, so one word in that text really stood out which needed investigating;

Frustrating because it was badly written, or because of where it ended? Cheers though Dave, the follow up is slowly being scrawled in crayon as we speak.

It wasn’t so much the writting, just the characters conversations i struggled to follow some of them, and i didn’t really enjot the start of sentances like yeah,no. I found that frustrating but i can see why you did it cos of the dream/reality falling awake thing. On the whole tho the book was ace, it was different to the style of writting i’m used to i guess. Good work 🙂

It was an attempt to show Ben not thinking before speaking, and I also wanted the dialogue to be quite snappy. “I didn’t want to slow it down,” said *Karen*, “by breaking it up.” I also purposly tried to get the reader as lost as Ben. It starts of telling you what day everythings happening, and this gradually disapears throughout the book. What did you make of the end?

I liked  the end, i found the book easier to read the more i got into it, i guess it’s getting used to writing style. I’m sorry if i came across too critical, i really did enjoy it.

Critical I can do something with, I’m pleased with that, it let’s me know how to improve my writing. If he’d have simply text; it was alright, I’d have pestered him far more than I did. So thank you Dave.

Future proof.

With His Head In The Clouds is now available as an eBook.

Click here to download it now.

New material.

under construction

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So, born out of a few old notes, I’ve written a tiny amount of new material. It’s for book two, it kind of carries on from where I left off all those months ago, it’s the bare bones of the beginning of chapter six, and in it’s current state it gives so little away that I can include it here;

“Is this happening now?”
“It is. This is all happening right now, this instant, the wrong side of three in the morning, right here on the- which green is this…?”
“The 4th.”
“The 4th-”
“It was the 16th last time.”
“So this is a regular occurrence then?”
“No. Well, I’ve been here before. Only, not like this…” E cracked a smile and then shook his head, “no…”
“What is it?”
“How is it that you ended up all the way out here?”
E laughed,
“And where have you come from?”
“I… I don’t think I can tell you.”
“You’re not going to be in any kind of trouble.”
“It’s not that. I just don’t think you’ll believe me.”
“We just want to make sure that you’re okay, and to let whoever cares for you know where you are.”
“Wait. What? I don’t have anyone that looks after me.”
“Do you know what kind of medication you’re taking?”
“Medication…? This conversation has got away from me a little, why are we talking about medication?”
“Because we need to give you something for your ankle, and because you don’t quite appear to be making sense of what’s going on.”
“That’ll be the concussion. I’ve had quite a substantial blow to the head.”
“A weak ago-”
“Maybe for you…”
“Judging by the colour of your eye, it’s been about a week since you hit your head. E, we need to get you to a hospital, and we want to give you something for the pain, but we need to establish if you’ve already taken anything. And, to be quite frank with you, your eyes are giving you away. They look as if you’re on something.”
“Or that you’ve been drinking heavily.”


3gs – notes

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I’ve spent the last two hours sifting through and reading all the notes for book 2, and I’m much happier than I was yesterday after coming to the end of Chapter five.
There’s loads of ideas, loads of themes, loads of directions I’ve suggested for my(future)self to take, and loads of questions I’ve got to find the answers for.
Over the last week or so I had been coming up with small bit’s of dialogue, but no idea where they would fit in, and no ideas for the overall plot or for stories to tell on the way.
After reading through the notes though, I have several jumping off (well, in) points that I can take to get me back on the right track. Not sure just yet which one I’ll take… but I’m certain I’ll have some new material for you very soon…